A Short History of PY Camping

A short history of PY camping

Above is a photo of the small group leaders' meeting at PY Summer Camp 2016. People have been coming to PY camps for decades - so long, that we run the risk of losing track of our history.

So we're creating a book to document and celebrate the history of PY camping.

But we need your help.


Do you have photos and/or stories you can tell about your time at a PY camp? Or your parents' time? Maybe even your grandparents' time?

We want to tell those stories, and share them, so we can learn from the past as we head towards the future of camping.

Email your photos and stories to history@pynsw.org.au.

Here are a few to get you started:

three photos from Summer Camp in the 1980s

I want to know more about camps in the future!

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