Lead for Life Internship

The Lead for Life programme is designed for young people who are just starting out in leadership. It seeks to build the foundations of Godly leadership that is Christ centred and motivated by love. The programme has 3 components:

  1. One week residential intensive teaching: Bible subject (either OT, NT or Christian Belief), Christian Leadership and Management, and discussions and self-reflection on godly living. Experienced group leaders who model what is taught and guide you as you work through the material.
  2. 12 months of ministry and mentoring in your local church: putting into practice some of the leadership lessons you have learnt, and talking this through with an older Christian, benefitting from their wisdom and experience.
  3. Leading a small group on a camp: to use your leadership skills in that context and re-connect with fellow Lead for Life interns.

Essentially, the PY Lead for Life Programme seeks to provide young leaders with a deeper understanding of God’s word, to help build the foundations of their faith and to train them in practical skills of leadership and ministering to others. For more information:

To apply for the Lead for Life Programme, please contact the PY Office using the details below.