PYNSW – Presbyterian Youth

PYNSW exists to equip local churches to disciple young people and their leaders through trainingspecial religious education (SRE), and camping.

Programme for 2021

Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2021 - Who is this man? Davo Gunning, Gospel of Luke.

Save the date – PYNSW Summer Camp 2021 – 27/12/2021 – 1/1/2022.
Donate to PY to support sending people along to camp.

National Leaders Conference 2021

Hold Fast: PY National Leaders Conference - Mike McGarry, Saturday 20 November 2021.

A one-day leaders conference where we think about “What does it mean to lead teenagers well?“.
Saturday November 20, 2021 – many locations around Australia.
More information:

KYCK 2021

Going to KYCK in 2021? Come and say hi: we had a PY lunch at KYCK this year!

Camping and Training:
Lead for Life Internship 2021

Spend the last week of the year (same dates as Summer Camp: 27/12/2021 – 1/1/2022) learning to understand the Bible better, enriching your relationship with God, and learning practical leadership skills, then spend 2022 involved in practical ministry in your local church, supervised by someone in your church.

PY Encourage

We want to see youth leaders at local churches well equipped, encouraged, and have the chance to build lasting friendships with other youth leaders. Are you leading a youth group, or interested in setting one up at your church? Come along to our PY Encourage (regional) and PY Encourage Express (City) events:

PY Encourage Express
PY Encourage

PY Annual Forum

Get involved in the future of PY by coming along to PY Annual Forum:

  • PYAF21 – Saturday 27 March, 2021 10am-2pm at Ashfield Presbyterian Church 
PYAF 21 - Presbyterian Youth Annual Forum

OMEC – Online Mentor Equipping Course

OMEC21 – details to be confirmed. We want to see youth leaders mentored well, and so we developed this course, to train people in how to be mentors to youth leaders. We are looking to run it in Sydney in the second half of 2021.

Timothy Partnership Certificate

We are running two semesters of Timothy Partnership Certificate again in 2021. Please pray for our students and our unit coordinators!

Japan Mission Vision Trip

Japan Mission Vision Trip – we are still working out what our timeline will be for the next Mission Vision Trip.

Read Think Act

Read Think Act studies are available to download and use at home:

History of Camping

We are currently working on a project exploring the history of Presbyterian youth camping in NSW: the Presbyterian Fellowship Union was first constituted in 1874, and so far we’ve found camping photos as early as 1909. Do you have photos or stories to tell from camping? We would love to hear them. Please let us know.