PYNSW equips young people and their leaders in local churches through camping, special religious education (SRE), and training.

History of Camping

We are currently working on a project exploring the history of Presbyterian youth camping in NSW: the Presbyterian Fellowship Union was first constituted in 1874, and so far we’ve found camping photos as early as 1909. Do you have photos or stories to tell from camping? We would love to hear them. Please let us know.

Upcoming Camps:

PYNSW runs camps at two main times during the year:

Winter Camp runs on the Queen’s Birthday weekend – June 7-10, 2019. Three camps in one weekend – 5/6 camp for primary school kids, junior camp for kids in year 7-10 (or equivalent) and young adults camp (for people in year 11, up to 23 year olds).

Summer Camp runs from December 27 to New Year’s Day  (January 1) inclusive each year.

Equipping the church

One of our most exciting programmes is the Lead for Life Internship program that runs at Summer Camp each year, from Boxing Day to New Years’ Day. Read more…