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Cultivating Community: The Flourishing Youth Group at Taree Presbyterian Church

Dave Phillips, PYNSW General Manager, visited Taree Presbyterian Church recently. Senior Minister Vaughan Smith was able to share about the exciting ways God is at work in their youth group. Vaughan, his wife Allie and their four kids have been at Taree Presbyterian Church for the past four years. Vaughan grew up in Mudgee. As soon as he became a


Fundraising for Camps

We understand that sending youth to camps, including PY Summer Camp, can be a significant financial commitment.  We have interviewed one keen supporter of PYNSW Summer Camp, Diane Beringer about the different fundraising efforts she has helped organise to financially support the youth in her church to go to PY Summer Camp. As Youth Leaders in the early 2000’s, Diane


Partnering with Parents at Youth Group

For over 40 years there has not been a youth group at Temora Presbyterian Church. The small country town of Temora often struggles to attract young families in the area, due to the nature of many transitioning to high school, university, and work in city areas. This makes retaining a group of teenagers for a youth group quite difficult!  However,


“We want to see youth living extreme lives for the sake of the Gospel”

Coming to Christ – Clement Hui Clement Hui’s first experience of Christianity was being invited to youth group by his high school friends to an Anglican church in Western Sydney. He loved going along to have fun and make friends. Clement reflected that he identified as a Christian during this time, but had not truly acknowledged how sinful and in

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