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PYNSW runs three Camps each Queen’s Birthday weekend. Our 3 Camps will look at different parts of the bible, taught at an age appropriate level and explored and studied with our trained Small Group Leaders, with the support of leadership across various teams.

Winter Camp 2020 will be held on June 5-8, 2020.

The Book of Acts tells us that Jesus is the Risen King! He is the risen king who has ALL power. And Jesus, the Risen King has a mission: that people from all around the world would hear about him and become part of his Kingdom.
The Quiz Worx ‘Mission Unstoppable’ takes kids on an exciting journey through the Book of Acts in the Bible. Kids will hear about the unstoppable mission of the Risen King Jesus through stories, music, drama and of course, puppets! It’s an adventure not to be missed.

Quizworx will present the bible teaching. They are a creative children’s ministry group, based in Sydney, which seeks to share Jesus with kids everywhere.

Life in a broken world doesn’t always go well. There are surprised and let downs from time to time. James shares his ‘hacks’ (godly wisdom) that get us through life. He’s worked out how to do life well within God’s loving plans. They seem so obvious when they are pointed out…but they take a lifetime to learn. We’re going to look at just three life hacks: making plans for the future, money and patience.

Russell Smidt is a Christian husband, dad, church pastor, AFL coach, tenor horn player, wildwater kayaker, often at PY Summer Camp and looking forward to his first Winter Camp. He grew up in Grafton, lived in Sydney for a long time and now lives in Gungahlin, ACT with Naomi and their 4 sons. Russell is learning to help others to know and love Jesus more than they know and love him.

The Gospel, Society and Culture committee’s task is to assist the Church to proclaim the gospel and live faithfully for Christ, especially as the church seeks to engage the wider society and culture. G,S&C is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW. We research matters of public interest that relate to the mission and life of the Church, and we provide the result of that research to the Church. The committee identifies and develops material which assists the Church, especially congregations and ministers, to promote and defend the gospel in public discussion. This material is published in resource papers and in our newsletter, and is also presented in our Christianity Everyday training sessions. The committee also represents the Church in communicating to the wider society the church’s views on matters of public interest and debate. We make submissions on social and public policy issues to appropriate authorities, and we advise and assist the Moderator to send pastoral letters to our congregations.

Sandy McMillan is senior pastor of Drummoyne Presbyterian Church, after 25 years in pastoral ministry in Wagga Wagga. He is married to Karen and they have three adult daughters and two grandchildren. Before training for ministry Sandy developed his interest in justice issues by working in youth welfare, then as State Representative for TEAR Australia. As State Moderator in 2011-2012 he has pondered how the denomination can have its voice heard in the public square.

Kamal Weerakoon is a graduate in commerce and law, and worked as an accountant before becoming a Presbyterian Church minister. He is particularly interested in issues related to commerce, economics, sexuality, and politics. He was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Australia, with his parents, when he was a teenager. He is currently pursuing a PhD in ministry to immigrants. Kamal enjoys tea, cricket, hot curries, and detective or espionage novels by authors like Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly and Alex Berenson.

John McClean is the lecturer in Systematic Theology at the Christ College in Sydney. His area of teaching includes ethics and he writes a regular a column on ethics in Pulse. He is married to Elizabeth and they have two young adult children. They live in the lower Blue Mountains and are involved in Springwood-Winmalee Presbyterian church. John enjoys good coffee, food and wine as well as cycling. He also enjoys contemporary Australian literature as well as reading about politics, society and history. Before lecturing at Christ College he was the minister of Cowra Presbyterian Church.

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