Talking Teen #1, 2023: Reflections with Jiye Kim

 “Hi, I’m Jiye!” Jiye Kim is a chaplain, teacher, culture writer, and former social media addict. This places her in a unique position to understand, speak to and relate to teenagers about the current trends surrounding social media. Jiye is currently teaching students who were born after she graduated high school. Jiye reflects, “How effective […]

Camps Build Lasting Relationships – Hunter PY Camp 2022

Gavin Hays grew up as one of three children in a Christian family and says he always understood the importance of needing Jesus as his Saviour. Throughout the years, Gavin also experienced the importance of community and what having a supportive group of other Christians can do for personal faith.  “I saw the importance of […]

The Gospel For All People

Jason Forbes, Disability Advocate @ Jericho Road When Reverend Jason Forbes first learned about Christianity during his studies, he found himself impressed with the idea that Jesus is the only name through which we have Salvation. He knew that if this was true, then it must be applicable to each individual situation, including when it […]

Water Games + Worship @ PY Summer Camp, Ashfield Pres. Review

Over the final days of 2022 and into the early days of 2023, seven youth group kids from Ashfield Presbyterian Church joined many others their age, at the Presbyterian Youth (PY) Summer Camp in Stanwell Tops. This week-long camp is run for high-school students, where they get to meet other Christians from across the state, […]

The first of many… Hunter PY Camp 2022

Starting it Up Cheryl Gillard is a member of Charlestown Presbyterian Church and has been doing Youth Ministry for the past eight years there. She first became connected to Presbyterian Youth NSW (PYNSW) when her kids began to attend the PY Summer and Winter Camps, but her personal involvement started when she attended the youth […]