A new SRE teacher shares the joy of teaching the Bible to kids

Amelia Ray only finished school last year, but she’s already back in the classroom teaching SRE. Amelia heard a presentation at her church, Harbourside in Coffs Harbour, about the need for more SRE teachers for the local primary school, and she was immediately struck by the conviction that this was something she should do. “I […]

Why youth leaders need to network – and how PY is making that happen

‘Networking’ may sound like a codeword for free food and awkward small talk, but for Presbyterian youth leaders across the state, it has a much richer meaning. Leaders of youth ministries at various Presbyterian Churches regularly meet together in an initiative facilitated by PYNSW called ‘PY Encourage’, to be equipped in their ministry, build relationships […]

The future of theological education with Stephen Renn

For over 10 years now, the Timothy Partnership has provided online theological education through a joint venture of Presbyterian Youth and Christ College.

For almost all that time, experienced theological educator Stephen Renn has been one of the lecturers teaching courses to students keen to expand their knowledge of the Bible.