PYNSW Japan Mission Trip 2019

In 2019, David & Angela Bell will take a group of 18-25 year old Presbyterian Youth on a short-term mission trip to Japan, visiting Osaka and Tokyo, attending church services with missionaries, and more!

The plan will be to travel as a group from Australia to Japan and split up at the end of the journey with the potential for some to not return to Australia.

Total cost will be around $3,000 including return airfares

Why a mission trip?

  1. To provide young Australian Christian adults with an opportunity to see something of what missionary service in Japan looks like;
  2. To understand what it would be like for a Japanese person to travel to Australia to live;
  3. To experience another culture in order to gain some insight into reaching out to people from another culture who live in Australia;
  4. To begin to acquire some skills in cross-cross-cultural ministry.
  5. To build partnerships with APWM missionaries so that the missionaries and participants in the programme might encourage one another in their service for Christ.

Key Dates:

Deposit: $500 deposit to be paid by April 11 to secure a place on the trip
Training Day: Saturday 31 August @ Christ College
Social Event: Saturday 19 October @ Christ College

Trip Dates

Thursday 28 November: travel to Japan
Sunday 1 December: Osaka Christ Church (Presbyterian)
Sunday 8 December: Grace Harbor Presbyterian Church
Monday 9 December: return to Australia / conclude PY trip

The minimum age for the trip is 18.

To register for the trip, go to the PYNSW Secure Site.

For more information, look at this draft itinerary.