Online Mentor Equipping Course

Why do the course?

OMEC:Youth is a course we have developed to train up mentors of young people.

Whether you are in a church with no youth, one or two young people or many in a youth group this course is worth it, because it will give you the skills and importantly the support to encourage and help grow young people that you know.

  • If you have no youth it will help prepare you for when young people do come
  • If you only have one or two, it will help you develop godly relationships with them to help them hold on to life in Christ, even without a youth group
  • If you have many youth and a thriving youth group, it will support and encourage you as you invest in their lives


From young teens to early adulthood, youth today face enormously diverse and complex challenges as they navigate their way as Christians in the world. To make it through without being led astray, young people need older maturing Christians to walk beside them to encourage, comfort, challenge, and guide them in a way that is tailored to the needs of each individual youth.

Are you well-prepared to provide this help for the young people around you?

Would you like some support and encouragement as you mentor your young people?

PY’s On-line Mentor Equipping Course: Youth (OMEC:Youth) will provide you with these skills and support for mentoring the young people around you.

Course Info


The program encompasses practical hands-on skills and tools to help mentors develop effective practices. In particular it will focus on inter-personal relational skills used in mentoring which includes the following – attending, giving feedback, restating, suggesting, clarifying, immediacy, reflecting feelings, disclosing oneself, questioning, care-fronting and summarising. The program begins with a one day face to face workshop to establish some basic principles and build community among the participants. This is followed by two semesters of distance training in a supportive on-line supervision environment.

This is a non-accredited course.

Mentors will put what they are learning into practice with a young person within their church/area they are mentoring during the course. So it’s hands-on learning with feedback from supervision sessions.


$50 for the face to face workshop to cover lunch, plus any travel costs you incur (travel subsidies available).

Online Course

Because the course involves participants being in pairs for practical exercises, we call for participants to commit to the whole course from the start. For the pilot of this course, there will be no charge for the online component, but you need to attend the face-to-face workshop to be able to participate in the online component.