Presbyterian Youth Annual Forum

PY is a committee of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales. PYC (Presbyterian Committee) comes together at the PY Annual Forum to meet with various stakeholders of PY. It is a place where the stakeholders can hear from the PY Committee (PYC) about what PY is doing and its direction

But PYAF is primarily an opportunity for PYC to hear from the various stakeholders to make sure that they are doing what can best serve youth ministry in the PCNSW.

PYAF is also where new members of the PYC are elected. PYC is a committee of youth leaders, ministers and elders who make sure PY works on realising its vision. People join the committee for a three year term. The committee meets eight times per year for a couple of hours each time, to govern PY as it seeks to achieve its goals.

  • Annual gathering of stakeholders and PYC
  • Reporting
  • Future direction
  • Elect new members to PYC
    • 3 year commitment
  • Hear from stakeholders. Voice heard
    • A voice from youth ministries to Assembly
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