Who is this man? Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp 2022

Dec 27 - Jan 1

Distance Training Pack

Who is this Man?

Luke – Davo Gunning

The gospels relate many famous stories about Jesus, but one in particular – the calming of the storm – made them ask “Who is this man?” We will be spending the week learning about Jesus’ life from the New Testament. 




1. Watch this entire video

It contains messages from Summer Camp section leaders, and a summary from Davo Gunning of what he will be covering in his talks.

2. Look at the studies and policies

You will need to download the SC22 Training Day Booklet.

3. Books on Identity to look at before camp:

The topic of Identity is likely to come up during the talks. 

Our camp speaker Davo Gunning mentioned a couple of books to read before camp if you want to prepare yourself to answer questions from your small group:

Two from Carl Trueman (the same book at different difficulty levels):
(easier / simplified version) Strange New World (Wandering Bookseller)
(hard / original version) The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self (Wandering Bookseller or Amazon)

And one by Glynn Harrison – A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing (Wandering Bookseller)

4. Complete your child protection training:

To lead on camp, you need to be up to date with child protection training – either Breaking the Silence if you’re attending a Presbyterian Church in NSW, or the equivalent in other settings.

Once you’ve done this training, proceed to the next step.

5. Answer these questions 

Complete this PY camp-specific child protection training quiz (about 15 mins duration), so you’ve had a chance to think about your responsibilities in this area as it applies on a PY Camp.

This includes filling in the date of your child protection training in this form:


6. See you at camp! 

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