Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2021

Dec 27 - Jan 1

6 days for Youth from all across NSW to gather together and learn about Jesus in community with one another - and have a great time doing it!

Living Life in Love & Light

1 John – Jarrod McNaughton

Do you know the Gospel? Have you heard about Jesus and put your faith in him? Maybe the answer is yes or maybe it is no. Either way, the question of whether we live for God or not is one that we all have to face. But even if we think we have made the choice to follow God, how do can we know we really have?

What things in our life should show what it is that we live for, and how can we examine ourselves to make sure our faith is complete? This is the big issue we will be looking at this Summer Camp as we go through the Letter of 1 John. Firstly by making sure that we know the Gospel, and then looking at our life to see that we truly are living for Christ!

Camp Info

Year 7 (in 2021) – 23 years old

27th Dec 3:00pm – 1st Jan 3:00pm

Early bird – $499 closes 30/06/2021
Regular Bird – $549 closes 31/7/2021
Late Bird – $599 closes 3/12/2021
Family Discount: $50 for each additional person until 3/12/2021


Leaders: bringing children on camp? $250 for 3+ year olds up to year 6 / $80 for 0-2 year olds.

Please take note of the dates when each bracket changes.
Please secure your place and price by paying a $50 deposit.
The balance is due by the 3/12/21. Payments are possible through the website.

The Speaker - Jarrod McNaughton

Jarrod “Jazza” McNaughton is the minister of Tamworth Community Presbyterian Church. Originally from “The Shire” in Sydney, he moved to Tamworth at the end of 2020. In his spare time, he likes reading, racing cars, and traveling to new places to explore (Before covid was a thing…)    

Lead for Life

Lead for Life is the Presbyterian Youth internship programme. It is a yearlong program for developing leaders to gain training and experience to lead at their church.

Through this programme we aim to:

  • Help build the foundations of faith by providing young leaders with a deeper understanding of God’s word that they might love Him.
  • Stimulate young leaders’ to grow in godly character by helping them nurture their relationship with God.
  • Train young leaders in practical skills of leadership and ministering to others.


Being part of the program involves residential training. This runs for 6 day at PY Summer Camp where the bulk of the learning will take place. The teaching sessions are run by qualified ministers of the Presbyterian Church.

Terms and Conditions

There is a non-refundable of $50 deposit per person required at registration. Any registration received after 31/7/21 will incur a late fee of $60 per person. No registrations will be received after 17/12/21. Full payment is due by the 3/12/21. No registrations will be received after 17/12/21. Cancellation after the 17/12/21 will not receive any refunds. If you are able and would like to contribute to cover subsidies and other costs it would be greatly appreciated. Further subsidies are also available upon request.

Camp Rules

Rooms are out of bounds to the opposite sex. No alcohol, smoking or drugs on Camp. Only Camp Conveners can give permission to leave Camp. Decisions of the Camp Executive are final. All activities must be attended. Mobile phones can only we used during free time unless permission is given by the Camp Executive. Treat other people and their property with respect. Bullying, victimisation, racism and the like are not tolerated. Do not bring any valuables to Camp. PYNSW does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen property.

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Summer Camp 2021

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What is Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is 6 days for Youth from all across NSW to gather together and learn about Jesus in community with one another – and have a great time doing it!

Training Day

We’re having a training day for leaders on Saturday November 27 at Ashfield Presbyterian Church. We’re starting at 11am.

At Training Day you will prepare for your role on Camp, build relationships within all the Teams & grow in your understanding of the Vision & Biblical direction of Camp to effectively proclaim ‘Jesus is Lord’. If you live more than 2 hours away, it’s not compulsory to come (although you’re welcome to), in which case, we’ll provide Distance Training Material.

Date & Time: 11:00am – 5:30pm, Saturday 27th November 2021

Location: Ashfield Presbyterian Church, 1 Knox St Ashfield 2131.

Cost: $10 for lunch

Kids Program (0 – Year 6)

PYNSW values the time and commitment that parents show by serving on Camps. For this reason PYNSW runs a Kids Program, for the children of leaders. Children from birth to Year 4 are catered for during Winter Camp. Once your leader registration has been processed, we will send out a link to the online registration for the kids program.

Need a WWCC?

A WWCC (Working With Children Check) is a mandatory requirement for anyone working with children and young people. If you do not have a WWCC Certificate you must apply as a Volunteer ASAP as it may take some time to process.