Summer Camp 2019

Dec 27 - Jan 1
Are we there yet? Numbers
Hamish Burke

Summer Camp is 6 days for Youth from all across NSW to gather together and learn about Jesus in community with one another – and have a great time doing it!


Hamish is married to Jo and father of Seamus, Caitie and Fergus. Hamish & Jo moved to Cronulla Community Presbyterian Church in March 2018. Previous to that Hamish was the minister of Ballina Presbyterian Church for 17 years. Hamish likes the coast, sunshine, and early mornings. Other than that he is old and boring.


Hamish once announced to a congregation that he would be preaching through the book of Numbers. The response was a pronounced groan. Why would anyone choose to preach through, or sit through a sermon series on the book of Numbers? He is happy to report that the book of Numbers gives some surprising and confronting challenges as well as some timely warnings. Numbers is the account of how God’s people having been saved spend their time as they await entry into the promised land. The big question that lurks behind the story of Numbers is this: Will you be faithful or unfaithful? Will you trust God or not? Are you ready for the challenge?


Year 7 (in 2019) – 23 years old


27th Dec 3:00pm – 1st Jan 3:00pm

(note that we’re starting the day after Boxing Day this year)


The Tops Conference Centre
Bendena Gardens Rd, Stanwell Tops


Early Bird $460 closes 21/10/19
Normal $515 closes 2/12/19

Family Discount $30 off for each additional child until normal registration closes

Terms & Conditions: There is a non-refundable of $50 deposit per person required at registration. Any registration received after 3/12/19 will incur a late fee of $60 per person. No registrations will be received after 17/12/19. Full payment is due by the 3/12/19. No registrations will be received after 17/12/19. Cancellation after the 17/12/19 will not receive any refunds. The actual cost of camp (not including admin & staff) is $580. If you are able and would like to contribute to cover subsidies and other costs it would be greatly appreciated. Further subsidies are also available upon request.

Camp Rules: Rooms are out of bounds to the opposite sex. No alcohol, smoking or drugs on Camp. Only Camp Conveners can give permission to leave Camp. Decisions of the Camp Executive are final. All activities must be attended. Mobile phones can only we used during free time unless permission is given by the Camp Executive. Treat other people and their property with respect. Bullying, victimisation, racism and the like are not tolerated. Do not bring any valuables to Camp. PYNSW does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen property.