Summer Camp

Our annual Summer camp where youth from all around the state gather together to grow in their relationship with God and have fun while doing it.

Topic: Who Is This Man?

Who is Jesus? Some irrelevant dead guy? An impressive magician with tricks up his sleeve? A bloke who has tickets on himself and just needs to calm down? Or is there more to this man… As we explore ‘Who is this Man?’ We will discover who Jesus is and what He came to do. Jesus is so powerful that he can control nature, sickness, sin and even death. Who do you say that Jesus is?


Presbyterian Youth Annual Forum

PYNSW is a committee of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales. PYC (Presbyterian Youth Committee) comes together at the PYNSW Annual Forum to meet with its stakeholders. It is a place where the stakeholders can hear from the PYC about what PYNSW is doing and its direction. 

But PYAF is primarily an opportunity for PYC to listen to its various stakeholders to make sure that they are doing what can best serve youth ministry in the PCNSW.

PYAF is also where new members of the PYC are elected.

PYC is a committee of youth leaders, ministers and elders who make sure PYNSW works on realising its vision. People join the committee for a three year term. The committee meets eight times per year for a couple of hours each time, to govern PYNSW as it seeks to achieve its goals.

  • Annual gathering of stakeholders and PYC
  • Reporting
  • Future direction
  • Elect new members to PYC
    • 3 year commitment
  • Hear from stakeholders.
  • A voice from local church youth ministries to PCNSW Assembly

PY Encourage

PY Encourage is an initiative started in 2019. It is a gathering of youth leaders where people can be trained, meet new leaders, and share strategies for doing youth ministry better.

This happens once a term in Sydney rotating through the various areas of Sydney, and once a year in regional areas.

The purpose of PY Encourage is to gather youth leaders, to train them in skills to help them serve the youth and to build relationships across churches and youth ministries.

Through this we want to build a network where youth ministries can share resources, e.g. bible studies, training materials, activities, where youth leaders have many more people who they can turn to, so that they can encourage one another, and pray for and with each other.

Eventually we also want to encourage youth ministries to work together in combined events and combined camps.

Once a term meeting in Sydney.

Once a year in regional areas.

  • Training
  • Gathering
  • Meeting new people
  • Network to share resources
    • Studies
    • Training
    • Activities
    • Direction and thoughts
  • Encourage one another
  • Work together


With the growth of KYCK, we wanted to help PCNSW churches to take part in this great ministry. We will aim to create a Winter Camp Lite experience combined with the camping elements presented by KYCK.

To this end we will be taking out accommodation for youth ministries to join together and enjoy this time together.

We hope to encourage and build up many youth and local churches through this.


National Leaders Conference

National Leaders Conference is an opportunity for youth leadership teams to be encouraged and equipped in Christ-centred youth ministry. Mike McGarry will join us via livestream to speak from Hebrews and encourage us to Hold Fast to Jesus. He’ll also take us through a practical seminar ‘Is the Gospel Enough?’ to think about how we shape our ministries to high-schoolers.

The conference will be run in hubs around the country. In each hub, you’ll also be able to spend time with other leadership teams in your area as well as have in-person workshops.

No matter your experience in youth ministry, you and your team are invited to share in Bible teaching and training that focuses on discipling teenagers, as they meet Christ and grow in Him.