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Participation in Special Religious Education (SRE)

The Presbyterian Church in NSW encourages all its members to be involved in Special Religious Education for the good of local school communities. This is a privilege we do not accept lightly and by accrediting and training our teachers we intend to support the high standard of education in our local schools.

The Church is a Department of Education approved provider and a member of The Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (ICCOREIS).

Modes of Delivery

In general, members of the Church are involved in delivery of SRE in partnership with other churches committed to the same involvement. This is known as a combined arrangement or joint denominational SRE and called Combined Christian SRE. The Minister of the church in partnership with the leadership of other churches jointly agree on which trained volunteers, will teach the agreed curriculum based on the unfolding story of the Bible, its central character, Jesus, and the implications for values and behaviour.

Note: each SRE teacher in a combined arrangement must be already authorised to teach SRE by their own denomination. The curriculum must be authorised by one of the approved providers.

An Authorisation letter in a combined arrangement is given to the school each year which clearly identifies who is the approved provider and includes the name of authorised teacher(s), date of birth and contact details. This letter is updated annually before the start of term 1 or as required. A working with children check is not required to be given to a school but instead is given to the Conduct Protocol Unit on the Authorisation Form (see forms section in Resources below).

In high schools in NSW, local churches often combine to form associations to deliver SRE. Generate is a consortium of Presbyterian Youth, Scripture Union in NSW, Baptist Churches in NSW and ACT and Youthworks. See Generate http://oursre.org.au/

Authorised Curricula

The delivery of our curriculum is taught with sensitivity and in an age appropriate manner. Our teachers are trained in the use of classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards and digital projectors. The SRE regular ongoing training includes classroom management strategies and implementation of the curriculum.

Review of SRE teaching includes teacher self-reflection, regular classroom observation, supervisor feedback, mentor support and adherence to the authorised curriculum.

We report the results of the review process which is part of our annual assurance process and include a description of efforts to address identified issues such as further training and mentor support.

We approve all materials and internet resources that are identified for use by SRE teachers.

Across the state, geographic and demographic issues impact on the choice of a curriculum. The decision on which Presbyterian authorised curriculum to use (see below) is left up to the Minister in partnership with other local providers jointly delivering SRE.

Parents and caregivers are very welcome to view the curriculum that their child is taught by following the links below, consulting the school’s SRE Co-ordinator or their local Minister.

For more information contact Presbyterian Youth SRE +61 2 9690 9379 or roslyndeal@pynsw.org.au.

We authorise only the curricula listed below.


SRE Authorisation

Initial SRE Authorisation

In keeping with current child protection legislation, all SRE teachers are required to apply for a WWCC and obtain a clearance number. The WWCC number is recorded on the various forms submitted to the Conduct Protocol Unit (CPU) See forms section in Resources below. Approved providers must keep relevant WWCC documents for five years after the employment or engagement has been completed.

Training for SRE is a government requirement, and encourages both teachers and students. There are two components of SRE training: 1. Child Protection Training and 2. Teacher Training (units/modules 1-7).


Step 1. Register your interest

Fill in this form and an email will be sent to you outlining all the steps necessary.

Step 2. SRE Child Protection Training

It is an approved provider’s responsibility to ensure that all SRE teachers have participated in an initial child protection induction and annual update. This is to ensure that SRE teachers are aware of their obligation to advise the principal or workplace manager of concerns about the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people that arise during the course of their work. SRE teachers are mandatory reporters of suspected risk of significant harm and of the procedures for doing so. Child Protection training is called ‘Breaking the Silence’ in the Presbyterian Church.

To complete ‘Breaking the Silence’ training see Breaking the Silence – Jericho Road

If you need more information about child protection training please contact the Conduct Protocol Unit at cpu-admin@pcnsw.org.au or Ph: +61 2 9690 9321.

Step 3. SRE Teacher Training

SRE Teacher training follows the ICCOREIS Basic Training Standard and includes a lesson observation.

Primary School – 7 modules of training

High School – 7 modules of training

Plus Extra Training: Paid SRE Teachers

In light of our commitment to safe ministry and the annual assurance we give the Department of Education (DoE) regarding training for SRE, the Presbyterian Church in NSW, and several other authorisers of high school SRE teachers, has decided on the following standard.

Anyone who is employed and/or receives a non-tax benefit as a ‘religious practitioner’ to teach SRE in a central or high school must:

  • Be authorised by the Conduct Protocol Unit (CPU) as a high school SRE teacher
  • Be trained to at least certificate level in both teaching Christian Faith in the Classroom and pastoral care
  • Commenced or completed at least a Theological Diploma
  • Only use one of the authorised curricula listed above
  • Be cross-authorised by other local church/denominational representatives

For assistance with Recognised Prior Learning, please contact Roslyn Deal from Presbyterian Youth at roslyndeal@pynsw.org.au or Ph: +61 2 9690 9379.

Step 4: Receive your SRE card from you Session Clerk

The SRE card and name badge will be sent to your session clerk for signing.



Reauthorisation (Renewal) of SRE Teachers

There are two components of SRE renewal training: 1. Child Protection Training and 2. Teacher Training.

Step 1. Register your renewal

Fill in this form and an email will be sent to you outlining all the steps necessary.

Step 2. SRE Child Protection Training Update

Breaking the Silence and training is found at  Breaking the Silence – Jericho Road

If you need more information about child protection training please contact the Conduct Protocol Unit at cpu-admin@pcnsw.org.au or Ph: +61 2 9690 9321.

Step 3. Christian SRE Basic Teacher Training for Combined Arrangements

All renewals must include a lesson observation and teacher feedback.

Primary and High School – Complete the NEW renewal course.

Ensure you’ve completed the authorisation form from Step 1 and send any proof of training to PY


Step 4: Receive your SRE card from you Session Clerk




Face to Face training or Zoom training is provided by other providers. These can be cross credited if individual assessment is made against the ICCOREIS basic training standard outcomes. See the ICCOREIS training calendar for upcoming face to face or zoom training.


Complaints about SRE follow the Complaints Policies and Procedures. If you have a complaint about Presbyterian SRE or a Presbyterian Teacher in a combined arrangement (Christian SRE) please fill in the complaint form and post to SRE Director PO Box 2196, Strawberry Hills or email  roslyndeal@pynsw.org.au.

SU Australia (Generate)

Building on the legacy of Generate Services in NSW, SU Australia now provides employment services and professional support for the ministry of Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW and Christian Religious Instruction (RI) in QLD and the NT.

Partnering with local churches that are serving their school communities in this way, we seek to enable them to facilitate an increasingly effective ministry by employing SRE Teachers, RI Instructors and Coordinators and by supporting the volunteers serving on the local church-governed boards that support these workers.

The aim in this is to see young people discovering life in God’s big story as they explore the Christian faith and engage with God’s word in an educational setting.


There are a variety of different ways to get involved with SU Australia (Generate), most simply praying or helping with financial support.

SU Australia (Generate)
168 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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