April 22-24, 2022

Encouraging and building up many youth and local churches around New South Wales.


The book of Philippians is ultimately about JOY, but joy can look different in various situations. We see the party pink colours, happy moments of life, times at KYCK, which are joyful. But living for Jesus can be tough, we can suffer greatly in this life standing up for Him.

The Apostle Paul suffered much, was persecuted, and imprisoned for telling people about Jesus, but he considered it pure JOY because he knew he was being who God called him to be!

Camp Info

High school students (year 7-12)

24th – 26th September 2021

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With the growth of KYCK, we wanted to help PCNSW churches to take part in this great ministry. We will aim to create a Winter Camp Lite experience combined with the camping elements presented by KYCK.

To this end we will be taking out accommodation for youth ministries to join together and enjoy this time together.

We hope to encourage and build up many youth and local churches through this.


The Speaker is still TBC.

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